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Pebble Art for Beginners -How to Explore your inner child & creativity with a Cutie Pebble Penguin!

Apt for kids,birthday return gifts and for beginners who want to explore pebble paintings!
I painted this pebble for a little girls birthday on 13th September 2015.
This gift is ideal for little kids and hardly takes time to paint.It took approximately 30 minutes for me to draw and paint this cute penguin.

Art materials used :
Acrylic paints - Red, White and Black 
Paint Brushes (Faber Castle or Camlin Brushes)
A web or cartoon image of a penguin 
Pebble - Beach or polished pebble
Dry Cloth 
Bowl for water 
Color Pencil or white crayon for outline / drawing
Sandpaper ( optional ) 

Instructions : Newspaper or cardboard to lay beneath the pebble for painting on a flat surface like a table or wooden stool.
Take the pebble and wash with water and dab it with a dry cloth.
Smoothen the surface with a sandpaper if required.
Place the pebble on one side up and paint it black with a paint brush and give a full coat on one side till its covered evenly.Wait for a few minutes to dry.
Give a second coat of black …
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